22.09.2022: People are crucial to us at Kim Johansen Transport Group.

New CPO takes office.

We have succeeded in attracting a highly experienced profile to our Executive Team.

Lena Camilla Nielsen has a long experience - the latest coming from the waste company Urbaser A/S. Here she, among other things, ran a Winning Culture Project, which has focused on values, teamwork and communication and with higher employee satisfaction andbetter teamwork as result.

The 1st of October 2022 Lena Camilla Nielsen will join the company as Group Chief People and Culture Officer. Together with the rest of the Management Team and Board members she will have full strategic focus on team-spirit, education, sustainability, and all other People & Culture aspects. Lena will be part of Executive Management which currently consists of Kim Johansen, Mikael Kolbe and John Lauritzen.

Happy and motivated employees deliver good service. With a long tradition of delivering good service and quality on time, Kim Johansen Transport Group now takes the next strategic step towards being the Best Place to Work. Our strategic people agenda is exactly what Lena has been working with in other business’ the last years, bringing safety, communication, education, culture and leadership on top of the agenda, making a positive effect for the employees and of course our customers.

We are very pleased to welcome Lena to the team-

Kim, John and Mikael




06.05.2021: Uncertain conditions for international transport companies in Romania

Several international transport companies in Romania including our local subsidiary, Kim Johansen SRL, have been met with significant financial demands from local authorities.

The key issue is that the authorities - with no warning and retrospectively for five years - demand taxation of tax-free diets already paid to the drivers on top of their ordinary and taxed salary. If the authorities maintain this demand, Kim Johansen SRL will have to pay the same amount of money twice.

We, and several local transport organizations, have protested, and our Romanian subsidiary has - in line with other companies - brought the case before a Romanian court.

Status right now is that the issue has been raised politically. A working group, including authorities and transport organizations, are now trying to find a fair and transparent regulation and a solution to the specific cases.

Most recently - at the end of April - the local transport organization, UNTRR, has been publicly pushing for the working group to get started. Read about that here (Romanian language). Parallel to that the local authorities have annulled a similar tax decision in a case against another international transport company.

We are optimistic about the further development. However, as the case is not concluded and further contains political aspects, we cannot yet assess the outcome.

Update: All the cases from Romanian authorities against KJTG are now closed in KJTG favour. 



15.12.2020: Acquisition of part of Bring Trucking Slovakia

Kim Johansen International Transport Group expands with approx. 100 trucks including drivers and a fully developed, well-functioning operational setup in Slovakia.
That is the result of a positive acquisition from Bring Trucking.
The location in Slovakia fits well with our existing business, and with the acquisition, we strengthen our position in the European market. Size and flexibility will ensure that we also in the future will be an attractive choice for our customers.
In addition, we will continue some of Bring Trucking’s activities for the Bring Group.
The acquisition is positive in several ways. In the short term we will increase our business, and in the longer term, we are strengthening our European presence and our ability to grow, act flexible and attract qualified employees. More generally we’ll also better adapt to the coming changes in the European transport regulation.

For more information, please contact COO John Lauritzen.





01-09-2020: LNG Trucks

We are proud to announce that the company´s two first LNG trucks are on the road. At Kim Johansen it is an integrated part of our approach to think of the environment and to keep up with the development in the trucking industry. Further 4 trucks have been ordered. Here showcased groups COO, Mr. John Lauritzen.

For more information on alternative fuel solution you can contact sales manager, Mr. Thomas Lund Mouritzen.



01-04-2020: 40 Years Anniversary

On this day 40 year ago Kim Johansen founded and started the company.
It has been a long journey from Kvistgaard - where it all started back in the 80´s, to an international company based in 6 countries with a fleet of 350 trucks and 700 employees.
These days the need for time critical transports is more real than ever. We will continue to develop the company with respect for the environment and road safety.




01-02-2020: Our Vision and Mission

The management group have summarized our values, objectives and goals into mission and vision statements. These values are to underline the groups commitment to these things and will be a guideline throughout the company in the way we think and act.

Our Mission: `We provide time sensitive and efficient transport solutions with respect for the environment and road safety`.

Our Vision: ´We are striving to have a market leading position within air cargo trucking in Europe while expanding our services within time sensitive transport solutions`.



01-12-2019: New pavement at our parking in Greve

The last meters of our 15000 sq.m pavement at our parking in Greve, Denmark are finalized, and ready to reflect all the sunny days to come.



04-04-2019: Very Precious Cargo

We are proud to have been a partner for many years with SAS. And even more so when they trust us the most important cargo. Under high media attention today we were privileged to transport the two new residents – pandas: Mao Sun and Xing Er from Kastrup to their new home in Copenhagen Zoo!