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People are crucial to us at Kim Johansen Transport Group

22 Sep 2022

People are crucial to us at Kim Johansen Transport Group

New CPO takes office.

We have succeeded in attracting a highly experienced profile to our Executive Team.

Lena Camilla Nielsen has a long experience - the latest coming from the waste company Urbaser A/S. Here she, among other things, ran a Winning Culture Project, which has focused on values, teamwork and communication and with higher employee satisfaction and better teamwork as result.

The 1st of October 2022 Lena Camilla Nielsen will join the company as Group Chief People and Culture Officer. Together with the rest of the Management Team and Board members she will have full strategic focus on team-spirit, education, sustainability, and all other People & Culture aspects. Lena will be part of Executive Management which currently consists of Kim Johansen, Mikael Kolbe and John Lauritzen.

Happy and motivated employees deliver good service. With a long tradition of delivering good service and quality on time, Kim Johansen Transport Group now takes the next strategic step towards being the Best Place to Work. Our strategic people agenda is exactly what Lena has been working with in other business’ the last years, bringing safety, communication, education, culture and leadership on top of the agenda, making a positive effect for the employees and of course our customers.

We are very pleased to welcome Lena to the team.

Kim, John and Mikael