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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Our employees are essential to us and our business. We strive to provide our employees with a healthy physical and psychological working environment and the necessary training to minimize and prevent the risk of work accidents. No employee should be exposed to unnecessary risk while working with us.

To ensure this, we have the necessary health & safety equipment in place, and the employees are educated and expected to participate and complete all education and training, and to follow all safety procedures, policies, instructions and guidelines.

Driving safely and taking the necessary precautions before a trip is also important. Therefore driving safely is also a part of our driver training.

Taking good care of the equipment is important for us. Located next to our headquarters in Greve is our main workshop, measuring some 3.500 square meters.

This is where we service our trucks, change tires, clean trucks and make repairs after breakdowns. We carefully plan the workflow of repairs and maintenance, ensuring our fleet is fully operational at all times.

Unforeseen breakdowns are actually very rare, as we replace our trucks when they have been on the road for approximately three years.
This has several benefits:

- Fewer breakdowns
- New engines with a low level of fuel consumption
- New, intelligent equipment, for improved functionality and safety
- Constantly meeting the highest EU standards

Through our membership of both DI Transport and ITD we are affecting politicians and authorities to ensure that the transportation industry receives the best possible conditions. We are compliant with the latest legislation that affects the transportation industry and have the needed support and assistance to continue to give our employees the best possible working day.