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Purpose and strategy

Look around you...

– all you see has been moved by a truck at some point in time.
That’s a bit fascinating to think about, right?

At Kim Johansen Transport Group, we believe that all elements are interconnected and interdependent.
The interaction between people, nature, technology, materials, and ideas is the foundation of success.
The more effectively we can optimize this chain, the more we can achieve.
We are very proud to be an important part of this network.

Our expertise lies in business-to-business transportation of air-cargo and other time-sensitive goods.

Our Values of respect, responsibility, teamwork and flexibility are the foundation and core of everything we do in Kim Johansen Transport Group, and our Mission and Vision our guiding star.

A strong and careful company culture and a clear organizational structure encourage people to implement the strategy. Therefore, we work towards bringing a constant balance at all parameters.

Our goal:

  • To have a market-leading position within air cargo
    and time-sensitive transport.
  • Achieve continuously improving customer satisfaction and be the preferred partner
  • Be the Best Place to Work in a value-based culture of psychological safety
  • To reduce our carbon footprint

What we do:

  • Investing in technology to improve our efficiency and productivity.
  • Expand our network to reach new markets and customers.
  • Focus on customer service with the highest level of service and support.
  • Invest in sustainable practices to reduce our environmental impact
  • Focus on training and development, employee meaningfulness by a culture of psychological safety, and process improvement.


At Kim Johansen International Transport A/S, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, sustainability, and security in the world of transportation and logistics. Our dedication to these core values is reflected in the distinguished certifications we hold, each representing a significant achievement in our industry.

European Business Masters

Our company has been certified as an 'A' class leader in our sector in the Baltic region, acknowledging our commitment to quality and excellence in a competitive market.

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TOP Road Companies

Only 1% of Estonian Companies achieve the distinction of being listed in the prestigious Äripäev TOP.

This achievement is a celebration of our team's hard work and the trust our clients place in us.

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EcoVadis CSR Rating

We promote an encouraging culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Therefore we are also proud to be awarded the silver rating in EcoVadis Supplier Survey.

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Regulated Agent

Since 2013 we have been appointed as a Regulated Agent by the Danish Transport Authorities. In 2023 we were re-approved for 5 more years.

Regulated Agent EU approval number: DK/KC/00127-01