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Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Kim Johansen Transport Group is committed to reducing its environmental impact and becoming an even more sustainable business. We recognize that the transportation industry has a significant environmental impact, and we are committed to doing our part to mitigate this impact. But we can only do this in partnerships with colleagues, customers, providers and other business partners.

On a yearly basis our trucks drive more than 50 mio. kilometers, and that unfortunately affects the environment. At Kim Johansen Transport Group we are aware of our responsibility to minimize the environmental impact and we are constantly working to improve in various areas.

Fuel consumption is the largest contributor to our environmental footprint. Therefore, we select our trucks and equipment with careful consideration for fuel efficiency. Today 100% of our trucks are EURO 6 and we have reduced our CO2 emissions with more than 20% during the last 10 years.

Internal Environmental Policy

Our people are the key to becoming a more sustainable business. Therefore, we are focused on the following key areas:

Reducing our emissions: We are committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions from our vehicles and operations.
We will do this by investing in new, more fuel-efficient vehicles, investigating renewable energy sources, improving our fuel efficiency, optimizing our way of working and by incentive programs for employees.

Reducing waste: We will reduce our waste production by reusing, recycling and composting whenever possible. We will also work with our suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging we receive.

Educating our employees: We will educate our employees about the importance of environmental sustainability and encourage them to adopt environmentally friendly practices in their work.

External Environmental Policy

We are committed to working with our customers and suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of our services by:

Working with our customers to develop transportation solutions that reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. This may include using more fuel-efficient vehicles, using renewable energy sources, and optimizing routes.

Working with our suppliers to reduce their environmental impact. This may include working with them to reduce waste, use renewable energy, and adopt more sustainable practices.

Advocating for sustainable transportation policies at the local, national, and international levels. This may include supporting policies that promote the use of fuel-efficient vehicles, renewable energy, and industrial optimization.

We are committed to being a sustainable transport company. By taking action to reduce our environmental impact, we can create a better future for our business, customers, and our planet.
Since 2013 we have made our CSR report available to our stakeholders. The next sustainability report is scheduled for publication in May 2025.

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Let us guide you to greener transportation

Transportation of goods could account for a significant volume of total carbon emissions of our customers; therefore, we are always happy to advise our customers on how to minimize their greenhouse gas emissions.

Our international setup gives our customers the possibility to have a optimal setup for transporting their goods.
Please contact our Sales Manager Thomas Mouritzen, to discuss the options.