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We celebrate Fat Thursday

8 Feb 2024

We celebrate Fat Thursday

Calling all sweet tooths!

At our Polish Office we are taking an afternoon break to celebrate a delicious Polish tradition: Fat Thursday!

This joyous occasion, also known as Tlusty Czwartek, is a day dedicated to the star of the show: Paczki, delectable fried pastries traditionally filled with fragrant rose jam.

The tradition of indulging before Lent (a period of fasting or abstinence) goes back centuries in Poland. It's a chance to savor rich flavors before a potential switch to lighter fare. Not only is it a delightful excuse to treat yourself, but legend has it that eating paczki on Fat Thursday brings good luck!

Just like our commitment to delivering great service to our customers, creating the perfect paczki requires dedication. Fluffy and light is the name of the game.

So, raise a fork (or a paczki!) to good taste and good fortune this Fat Thursday.

From all of us at Kim Johansen Transport Group, happy indulging!