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Meet our colleague

1 Feb 2022

Meet our colleague

As a truly international company that we are, there is also possibility to try out working at one of our other offices around Europe.

Today you should meet one of our colleagues, Jacek. He started at our Polish office and is now trying out the office life in Denmark.

Jacek is a well-known and well-liked dispatcher and, privately, a passionate runner. When asked about the move from Poland to Denmark, Jacek described the following as one of the most positive things he discovered in Denmark:

“I mostly like the great cycling infrastructure, the possibility to cycle almost everywhere and the many public places close to nature.”

What differences do you see between Danish and Polish mentality? “Danes are definitely more calm and patient than Polish.”

How do you spend your free time? After work I try to find time for running about 5 times a week. On weekends I spend time exploring CPH and its area.

We will cheer for Jacek when he is participating the Copenhagen Marathon next time.