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IT Safety is not a phishing game

28 Apr 2024

IT Safety is not a phishing game

World Day for Safety and Health at Work...
- does that also include IT security? Yes indeed! 

IT security is all about the combination of safe systems and having the right behavior.
That's why we are training all our employees in IT security, but it does not stand alone.

That's why we have entered a partnership with Telenor and implemented SafeZone.

SafeZone adds an extra layer of security for employees when they use mobile devices to perform their work tasks, regardless of whether they use their mobile phone or mobile internet

SafeZone works well in combination with our internal e-learning, where our employees are trained to see through IT threats like phishing emails and other trends in cybercrime. With SafeZone we have a safety net that can catch the employee when a harmful link is clicked.

In this way, we can protect both the employees and the business. What's not to like!

Read more about SafeZone here: Telenor SafeZone
And see the video explaining the setup and why we have chosen SafeZone: