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Safety First

27 Nov 2023

Safety First

Winter has come to Europe. 

Roads are snowy and slippery and many transport companies therefore pay extra attention to safety, as we do in Kim Johansen Transport Group.

Our drivers are educated and used to paying extra attention to safety at all times, but safety is especially in focus when winter is making the roads difficult.

Here we share some of the advice we give our drivers, to make sure they arrive safe and in good condition to deliver the cargo in time as agreed with the customer:

  • Plan well, be ready in time – ensure no extra delays
  • Keep plenty of space between vehicles and be extra careful to make way for others in the traffic
  • Pay attention, don’t be distracted. Time to react is crucial when driving in winter conditions
  • Be especially careful of ice on roads when approaching shaded areas, bridges, overpasses, and infrequently traveled roads, which will freeze first.
  • Drive smooth: Brake early, gently and often. Accelerate slowly and easily. Maneuver carefully and slowly.
  • Inspect the vehicle before every trip. Clear snow and ice from windows, lights, and mirrors and wait for the fog to clear before you drive. Make sure the vehicles are ready for the winter conditions. If needed – use snow chains
  • Load and unload carefully.

Take care and drive safe!