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Will your package be home before christmas?

5 Dec 2022

Will your package be home before christmas?

15 days till Christmas All gifts are ordered online. That's what many of us do today. It's easy, safes time and all is done on the couch with a smartphone. Perfect - all set.... BUT - what if there is no driver to deliver your package? What then?

All your things are delivered by truck, to reach the final destination... Food, packages, building materials ect. And therefore we must all prioritize the good conditions for the drivers. Treat them well - they are our everyday heroes 🦸‍♂️

Rest areas are a crucial part of our infrastructure, especially for our drivers around the EU. Ambitions should therefore be first priority.

DI: EU-plan glemmer rastepladserne (

Thank you DI Transport and Rune Noack for bringing focus to this important subject. We hope transport ministers all over European Union will listen and act before it's to late.