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Acquisition of part of Bring Trucking Slovakia

15 Dec 2020

Acquisition of part of Bring Trucking Slovakia

Kim Johansen International Transport Group expands with approx. 100 trucks including drivers and a fully developed, well-functioning operational setup in Slovakia.

That is the result of a positive acquisition from Bring Trucking.

The location in Slovakia fits well with our existing business, and with the acquisition, we strengthen our position in the European market. Size and flexibility will ensure that we also in the future will be an attractive choice for our customers.

In addition, we will continue some of Bring Trucking’s activities for the Bring Group.

The acquisition is positive in several ways. In the short term we will increase our business, and in the longer term, we are strengthening our European presence and our ability to grow, act flexible and attract qualified employees. More generally we’ll also better adapt to the coming changes in the European transport regulation.

For more information, please contact COO John Lauritzen.