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Earth Day

22 Apr 2024

Earth Day

April 22 is International Earth Day 🌏 And what does that mean for us... 

Since 1970, this has been a global event that aims to highlight the importance of protecting the environment. 

The 2024 theme, "Planet vs. Plastics" focuses on raising awareness of the harm of plastic pollution for human and planetary health.

Previous events have covered a range of environmental issues, from climate change and clean energy to protecting species and the benefits of planting. 

Kim Johansen Transport Group published our first CSR report in 2013 and the main focus has naturally been reducing our carbon emissions from transport operations. Moving forward towards the changing European ESG agenda, awareness of the harm of plastic pollution will also be a part of the overall ESG strategy. Both for us and other companies. 

In Kim Johansen, sorting our garbage is just a part of the plan, to send our plastic garbage to be reused and made into new products and in this way reduce the planet's resources. Even the small things matter when protecting the Earth's resources. You can read our latest CSR report HERE 

#If You can't reuse it, refuse it!