It all started in the eighties

The company was founded in 1980, when Kim Johansen bought a small firm of haulage contractors, with nine vehicles, in Valby, a city near Copenhagen. Back then, Kim Johansen started by driving for a few shippers, securing a regular driving route for SAS Cargo in the process—and one still to be found among our clientèle.

At this time there were 10 people employed in the company—Kim and nine regular drivers. Destinations covered included Budapest, Stockholm and Oslo.

Focus on logistics from the mid-90s
Kim Johansen has a background of a driver and a mechanic. Like so many other hauliers the motivation to start up his own road haulage business was his great interest in lorries.

With time, however, it became clear that this interest alone could not move the business forward, and it was only when thoughts of logistics took on a greater role that the company began to expand and develop substantially.

As mentioned, logistics did not play a great part for Kim Johansen Int. Transport in the 80s, and only sporadic initiatives with an outright logistical focus were taken. The use of pilots on the traffic routes between Stockholm and Oslo, however, was one of the first examples of such measures and altogether pioneering in its day.

It was not till the mid-90s that the traditional haulier’s business was shelved and the logistics part brought into focus. Since then, the company’s development has progressed powerfully and today the company has more than 700 employees, operating with a fleet of more than 600 units.

The construction of the company’s logistical network was crucially important, since it made it possible to transport customers’ goods in one, continuous movement.

Establishing a presence in Eastern Europe
Following set-up in Norway (1992) and France (2002), consolidating our position in Scandinavia and Europe, the company began to direct its focus on the eastern part of Europe. This resulted in the creation of companies in Estonia (2004) and Poland (2007).

With the two latest subsidiaries having joined the existing group, we have now expanded our presence in Europe so as also to include the new EU east countries—countries we view as large potential markets.

International transports
With activities, offices and driver hubs throughout large parts of Europe, Kim Johansen Transport Group is now an international player, and one that will also be found on the European transport market of the future.    

In March 2007 Kim Johansen Transport Group started to work on the construction of a new ”drivers’ hotel”. The hotel has rooms for about 100 resting drivers. Together with the hotel a new workshop is built with the latest and most environmentally sound facilities. The building work was the next big step in the development that the company has undergone since its establishment in 1980.'


Along the way this development has involved, among other things, setting up offices in four European countries, a network of drivers’ hubs (apartments) all over Europe and professional transport solutions, for a number of major logistics companies such as DHL, Schenker, DSV and air freight operators like SAS Cargo and Air France.