01-09-2020: LNG Trucks

We are proud to announce that the company´s two first LNG trucks are on the road. At Kim Johansen it is an integrated part of our approach to think of the environment and to keep up with the development in the trucking industry. Further 4 trucks have been ordered. Here showcased groups COO, Mr. John Lauritzen.

For more information on alternative fuel solution you can contact sales manager, Mr. Thomas Lund Mouritzen.



01-04-2020: 40 Years Anniversary

On this day 40 year ago Kim Johansen founded and started the company.
It has been a long journey from Kvistgaard - where it all started back in the 80´s, to an international company based in 6 countries with a fleet of 350 trucks and 700 employees.
These days the need for time critical transports is more real than ever. We will continue to develop the company with respect for the environment and road safety.




01-02-2020: Our Vision and Mission

The management group have summarized our values, objectives and goals into mission and vision statements. These values are to underline the groups commitment to these things and will be a guideline throughout the company in the way we think and act.

Our Mission: `We provide time sensitive and efficient transport solutions with respect for the environment and road safety`.

Our Vision: ´We are striving to have a market leading position within air cargo trucking in Europe while expanding our services within time sensitive transport solutions`.



01-12-2019: New pavement at our parking in Greve

The last meters of our 15000 sq.m pavement at our parking in Greve, Denmark are finalized, and ready to reflect all the sunny days to come.



04-04-2019: Very Precious Cargo

We are proud to have been a partner for many years with SAS. And even more so when they trust us the most important cargo. Under high media attention today we were privileged to transport the two new residents – pandas: Mao Sun and Xing Er from Kastrup to their new home in Copenhagen Zoo!